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Zoe Wong, Celine Li
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

HKT Smart Living Design Award - Bronze (Student Category)
Project: Tech - O

Tech - O

Tech - OTech - OTech - O

Smart living design

  • Tech-O is the name of an arrangement by which smart devices connect to a central system. For example, occupants can preset kitchen commands so smart appliances such as a coffee machine and toaster form a "breakfast partnership" every morning.
  • In the bedroom, mix-and-match preferences are recorded in a smart wardrobe database, so styling suggestions can be offered according to occasion, mood and weather forecast.
  • A multi-function zone comes complete with a smart gym system that provides personal trainer-like workout and yoga tutorials based on health requirements.
  • Tech-O is also green. For example, a smart sink crushes dining leftovers to use as fertilizer for plants.
  • A ceiling-mounted smart digital screen in the multi-function zone provides actual-time images of the sky to connect with the environment outside.

Interior design

  • Two sets of sliding panels between the bedroom and kitchen can be adjusted to create more space whenever necessary.
  • The bedroom is also a multi-functional area, thanks to a transformable platform that turns this living space into a tea room, work area or even a home movie theater.
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