Kowloon Development Company has joined forces with HKT Smart Living for the first time ever to launch the “Manor Hill Vertical Space1 Design Awards”, which will be judged by a panel drawn from the Hong Kong Interior Design Association. Interior designers are therefore invited to submit entries that take advantage of the 3.5-meter super-high floor-to-floor height2 and apply today’s technologies to designing dream smart homes for Manor Hill residents.

1 “Vertical space” only refers to the imagination of using the unit with combination of furniture. Please note that the removal or alteration of or addition of any internal partition or door of the residential property, or the renovation, use or alteration etc. of the residential property may be subject to the applicable laws, regulations and deed of mutual covenant, or may require the consent or approval by the relevant Government department or manager of the Development. Prospective purchasers are advised to consult the relevant professionals regarding the removal or alteration or addition of any internal partition/door, and the intended method of renovation, use or alteration of the property. The vendor does not make any offer, representation, warranty or undertaking to the purchasers. 2 The floor-to-floor height refers to the height between the top surface of the structural slab of a floor and the top surface of the structural slab of its immediate upper floor. The floor-to-floor height mentioned may not be applicable to all residential properties, and may not be applicable to all parts of a residential property. Please refer to the sales brochure for details.
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