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Bhavika Soni, Hugo Liu, Jameson Chow
Savannah College of Art and Design

HKT Smart Living Design Award - Gold (Student Category)
Project: Chameleon



Smart living design

  • An automation system based on artificial intelligence (AI) was the smart centerpiece of a blueprint for futuristic domestic lifestyles drawn up by a group of students. Known as Chameleon, the system connects with all home appliances, as well as lighting, air-conditioning and AV systems.
  • The overall design features "The Hub" as a multi-functional zone with special flooring and huge interactive screens linked to a voice-control facility. This enables the homeowners to call up various scenes with simple voice commands and can have the effect of elevating or hiding a table – all to adjust floorspace to suit mood or occasion.
  • The interactive screen panels conjure up a variety of ambiences by projecting footage of natural scenery. This is particularly conducive to practicing yoga at home.
  • The hugely-versatile Chameleon takes on the role of dietitian in the kitchen. Working with smart devices, the system identifies nutritional facts, suggests menus and analyzes health data, among other things.
  • Chameleon also acts as fashion adviser by facilitating virtual fitting sessions and offering mix-and-match tips. The system is connected to online shopping platforms and enables the householders to purchase outfits simply by touching the screen. This level of sophistication and convenience is ideal for citizens leading hectic business lives.

Interior design

  • Chameleon is based on the concept of a reptile with the fascinating ability to change skin color.
  • The interior of this dwelling presents a strong techno appearance, which is substantiated by use of smart technologies throughout the “The Hub”, as well as bedrooms, the bathroom, kitchen and other areas.
Highlights of the presentation ceremony

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