General Questions
Q1 What is Smart Living?
A1 Smart Living is one of HKT's key projects. The concept is to equip your home with the most advanced technologies to provide you with the utmost convenience, comfort and enjoyment. The four main Smart Living components are Home Automation, Home Network, Home Entertainment and Consumer Electronics. Our team of technical consultants tailor a home broadband network that enables you to enjoy Internet access throughout your residence. You can also connect and control household appliances – such as lighting, air-conditioning and curtains – wirelessly. You can also control an AV and Smart TV combo system with just one push of button. We strive to provide the optimum solution to deliver a convenient and intelligent living environment for our customers.
Q2 What advantages does Smart Living deliver? Why should I choose Smart Living?

Smart Living facilitates the utmost convenience and enhances quality of home life:

We are the first telecommunications company to provide a one-stop "smart home" service. Customers can mix and match elements and components that best suit their household needs, without having to shop round for various technologies and equipment. Normally when building an intelligent residence, a householder must shop round for lighting, curtains and AV equipment. This is time consuming and troublesome in itself – to say nothing of the subsequent the bother of co-ordinating different installations and connectivity, then working with a diversity of vendors. The Smart Living experience is completely different: HKT professionals source all key elements for you, then work with you in genuine one-stop-shop fashion to arrange delivery and onsite works. In other words, we take care of the whole job, from end to end, then offer superb after-sales service to give you total peace of mind.

Imagine if you'd like to watch a movie at home. Once you have our Home Automation system, just a push of a button will close the curtains, dim the lights and activate your pre-configured AV equipment – instantly transforming your living room into a theater! Just add soft drinks and popcorn and you could be in the cinema, without leaving home!

On a scorching summer's day, we all love to be greeted by a cool breeze when arriving home from work. With Home Automation, you simply press a button on a smartphone app on the way and your air conditioners can be switched on to cool the place before you arrive.

Smart Living's Home Network service ensures you get wireless Internet access throughout the near entirety of your dwelling, so you can listen to music or watch movies on your smartphone, or work on your notebook, just about anywhere in the home. And having a smart printer operating via Wi-Fi means you no longer need to waste time transferring data to a USB to print documents or photos.

Want to upgrade your home AV system? Then feel free to visit one of our showcases and experience the various combinations of smart TV and hi-fi setups we offer. Once all the components are installed and linked properly, you can enjoy cinema-like entertainment in the comfort of your own home.

Some luxury residential property companies in Hong Kong have already started using the hi-tech smart home concept as a powerful selling point. Clearly, Smart Living is a worthy long-term investment, enabling householders to be at the forefront of a game-changing trend.

Q3 Why did HKT launch Smart Living?
A3 HKT is Hong Kong's premier telecommunications service provider and wishes to utilize its network and technology expertise to the full in order to continuously raise the living standards of customers – so we created Smart Living to provide "smart homes".
Q4 What professional services can be provided by HKT Smart Living?
A4 HKT Smart Living offers a one-stop customize solution in Home Network and Home Automation service and it can be meet you / householder’s needs in your apartment.
- Onsite visit and measurement
- Drawing up a draft of floor plan^ that fit for your needs
- Installation and setup
- Hotline support and onsite technical support

^Home Network / Home Automation floor plan service are subject to terms and conditions, for details, please visit here.
Q5 What kind of people or families are best served by Smart Living?
A5 Anyone can build a "smart home". Our Smart Living ambassador and technical consultants provide a face-to-face consultancy service, then work to design the most desirable solution according to a customer's unique needs.
Q6 Can I utilize this service even if I don't plan to renovate my apartment?
A6 Yes. Smart Living is not just for new homes – we provide a retrofit solution that allows homes not under renovation to enjoy the same benefits of home automation, even without extra wiring.
Q7 What advantages can Smart Living deliver if my apartment is only 500 sq ft in size?
A7 Smart Living is suitable for any family wanting to improve home life. Our team provides a face-to-face consultancy service, regardless of size of apartment or number of family members. Our consultants provide a customized solution so that every customer can create his/her own personal "smart home". We have served customers living in 400-500 sq ft flats, even in public housing buildings. We believe diminutive space should not prevent customers from enhancing their home life via our technologies.
Q8 When should customers with renovation plans get in touch with you?
A8 Please enable us to produce the most suitable proposal for you by contacting us well before your renovation work begins. Also, bear in mind that our service is not limited to new homes or those undergoing renovation, because we provide a retrofit solution that enables householders to enjoy the benefits of home automation, even without extra wiring.

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