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Kenneth Kong, Michelle Ng, Kennis Chan, Tony Wong
Hong Kong Design Institute

HKT Smart Living Design Award - Silver (Student Category)
Project: The Ring
Most Popular Smart Living Design Award (Student Category)
Project: The Ring

The Ring

The RingThe RingThe RingThe RingThe RingThe RingThe RingThe RingThe RingThe Ring

Smart living design

  • The Ring is an innovative rotating platform surrounded by motorized screen panels and smart devices that combine to create the complete home-automation system.
  • Fingertip control grants family members the power to alter space according to need. For example, occupants are able to select various preset scene settings conducive to working, gym training, throwing a party and other activities. This is facilitated by options such as being able to turn the sofa towards a digital TV wall, lowering a double-bed hidden behind a huge TV wall and hiding or revealing motorized smart screen panels, as well as other installations.
  • Smart devices include a smart mirror able to tell users about themselves, as well as analyzing vital factors such as heartbeat and total body water percentage. This innovation makes workout and daily routine recommendations like a personal trainer.
  • Sensors installed in a smart floor keep track of and adjust temperature to ensure efficiency of energy consumption.
  • Meanwhile, smart lighting allows occupants to make subtle adjustments in order to create ambience options to suit a variety of moods and occasions.

Interior design

  • The concept behind The Ring is based on wedding rings in conjunction with a sustainability pledge, while the rotatable ring-shaped household has been designed to offer flexibility to address Hong Kong’s characteristic limitation on living space.
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