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Q1 What is Home Network?
A1 Gone are the days when families shared just one computer. Today, we see many other digital gadgets – such as smartphones, tablets and Smart TVs – sharing the same home broadband service. With this in mind, our new Home Network service connects all your family's smart devices to one network. Our Wi-Fi connectivity covers the near entirety* of your home, enabling you to work, browse the web or listen to music online. Our team of technical consultants provide expert advice that includes site checking, network design, cable installation and device setting, according to your family's needs.
*A specified number of routers should be installed, and Wi-Fi coverage depends on area of coverage required by a customer.
Q2 I can set up a router myself to establish Wi-Fi connectivity. Why do I need your service?
A2 Our professional technical consultants will visit, along with an HKT engineer, to check the situation and use professional equipment to identify the best location in which to place routers, so that Wi-Fi covers your home to the fullest extent possible. If the router is installed randomly, there can be no guarantee that you will achieve stability and reliability.
Q3 What is the difference between the HKT team and a handyman?
A3 Our professional technical consultants make an onsite visit to ensure the home network is established properly. This involves interviewing customers to understand their networking needs and using advanced equipment to measure Wi-Fi signal strength. They also monitor cabling progress, set up smart devices and provide a network design floor plan so that you can check cabling and device layout easily. The vast majority of handymen, however, do not bother with such a detailed network plan, making it difficult for you to check where cables are installed, or upgrade in the future.
*A specified number of routers should be installed, and Wi-Fi coverage depends on area of coverage required by a customer.
Q4 Can you complete the Home Network in a single visit? Why do I need three onsite visits? (for basic package or above)

The reason we need to carry out three Home Network visits is because:

The first visit is for onsite examination, during which our technical consultants conduct measurements and discuss socket and cable tube placement with the customer or renovation works contractor. We also carry out onsite Wi-Fi signal testing to determine the best location for routers. After discussion, we provide a network design floor plan for the customer.

The second visit is for cable installation: Once customer approval is received, our technician will carry out cable and socket installation.

The third visit is for wireless router configuration: After renovation is complete, we install and set up wireless routers and conduct final Wi-Fi signal testing. We also connect up other wireless equipment such as a printer and the uHub cloud storage facility.

Q5 Can I subscribe to Home Network if I'm not a NETVIGATOR broadband service customer?
A5 You can subscribe to Home Network through the new Smart Living service, regardless of whether or not you are a NETVIGATOR broadband customer. However, if you wish to enhance your home network comprehensively, now would be a good time to upgrade the bandwidth of your broadband service by subscribing to NETVIGATOR.
Q6 Will you refund a deposit?
A6 The deposit is not refundable, as it is used to purchase cables and related equipment.
Q7 What if my service does not work after installation?
A7 We offer an after-sales service and 1 year's warranty. Please feel free to call our Customer Service Hotline whenever you need assistance, and our technical consultants will provide you with expert advice.
Q8 Do you offer after-sales service? How do I contact your team?
A8 Please dial 1000 or email enquiry@smartliving.hkt.com. Whenever possible, we will solve a customer's problems over the phone. Phone inquiries do not count as onsite after-care support service.
Q9 Does a time limit exist for each of the three onsite after-care support visits?
A9 One-time onsite after-care support is based on one working hour, while three onsite after-care support visits are valid for one year following service completion. A customer can purchase additional after-care support cover, if necessary. An additional after-care support service will be launched soon. Please stay tuned to our website for more details.
Q10 If I move accommodation, am I eligible for three onsite after-care support visits, or other related services at my new address?
A10 No, Home Network after-care support covers only the original network installation address.
Q11 What kind of housing layout and building materials will affect Home Network signals and coverage?
A11 Wall thickness and composition – materials such as metal (structural wall with steel bar), silver-plated (mirror), ceramic (tiles), concrete, marble or brick – may affect reception of wireless signals. We will provide you with an appropriate solution based on the interior design of your house.
Home Network Wireless Solution
Q12 What will be included in Home Network Wireless Solution?
A12 Home Network Wireless Solution includes a Wi-Fi coverage check, uHub account setup, configuration for 5 mobility devices, professional advice and 3 visits within the first year after job completion.
Q13 What kind of customer is Home Network Wireless Solution suited to best?
A13 Customers with no renovation needs, tenants, those not wanting cabling work done, or those with an urgent home Wi-Fi need.

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