Home Entertainment
Q1 What is Home Entertainment?
A1 A high-spec Hi-Fi setup is indispensable in a "smart home" environment. We have selected several combinations of Hi-Fi to suit the differing needs of customers. At the same time, Smart TV has become increasingly popular, so many families have already bought one to enjoy an extraordinary TV experience. For example, you can change TV channels with a wave of the hand, or view movies or photos directly from a mobile app. The combination of a high-spec Hi-Fi setup and Smart TV adds up to outstanding audio-visual quality.
Q2 Do you provide a one-stop installation service?
A2 When you place an order, our Smart Living Ambassadors transfer your information to technical consultants and make all the arrangements for you. These include delivery and installation appointments plus after-care support. We ensure you enjoy the quality of home life and peace of mind that Smart Living brings.
Q3 Why I need to buy a Smart TV?
A3 A Smart TV can go online directly, which means you can play YouTube videos without the limitation of a 10 or 20-inch notebook monitor. Our Home Network even enables you to connect all your devices to facilitate data transfer, so video clips on your mobile can be shown on a big TV screen for the benefit of all the family. Smart TV has revolutionzed the traditional TV experience.
Q4 Does HKT provide a warranty for my services/products?
A4 In the case of home entertainment/digital products, customers can contact the providers of such AV products/electronic appliances directly for maintenance purposes.

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