Home Automation
Q1 What is Home automation?
A1 Home automation enhances your everyday home lifestyle. You won't believe the superior level of convenience and control possible until you experience it for yourself. For example, imagine that you want to watch a movie at home: With just a push of a button, the lights are dimmed, the curtains close and your pre-configured AV system is activated – instantly transforming your home into a theater. Just add soft drinks and popcorn and you could be in the cinema, without leaving home.

Q2 Can I choose color of light or curtain switches?
A2 Our package provides a standard set of light and curtain switch models for you, but a choice of colors are available to you (eg champagne gold, brushed silver and pearl white plus crystal glass ).
Q3 What kind of wall switch can I use for home automation?
A3 The ULTI wall plate series is the only solution we offer for home automation (Zigbee solution) at present.
Q4 What is scene control and how many scenes can I have?
A4 Customers can design and preset different scene modes. For example, if you want to watch a movie, press "Home Theatre" mode on your remote control and your home will immediately turn into a theater environment, with lights dimmed, curtains closed and air-con automatically switched on.
Q5 Can you help me replace all my switches at home with new ones, if I purchase your package?
A5 We can order switches not included in the package, if necessary. An additional quotation will be provided.
Q6 Which system platform should I use for home automation control?
A6 The control app comes in iOS and Android versions. It supports yours smartphone/tablet run on either iOS or Android, our Home Automation system can also be controlled with the eye2a, eye3, Cisco tablet or IR remote.
Q7 Will you change preset modes for me whenever I like? Who should I contact?
A7 During the maintenance period, we provide two free onsite technical support visits, which include scene setting and system application adjustments. After the standard warranty/maintenance period, scene setting adjustments will be charged for at the rate of $880 per visit (2 hours per visit).
Q8 Can you relocate our Smart Living system if we move home?
A8 Each "smart home" system is tailored to the structure and environment of a customer's home, so may not be suitable in another dwelling. However, leaving the Smart Living system in place will enhance the value of your property, or at least make it more saleable. If a customer wants to relocate the system and equipment to a new apartment, the charge will vary according to various factors.
Q9 What are the maintenance details?
A9 Home Automation includes 1 year's warranty for hardware (free hardware replacement including onsite visits and labor costs). *Does not include man-made damage. Warranty also includes 2 visits to effect change of scene setting or other technical support. Services beyond standard warranty/maintenance will be charged for at $880 per visit (2 hours per visit. Hardware replacement not included).
Q10 What is DDNS service?
A10 Dynamic DNS (DDNS) is a method by which to automatically update a name server in the Domain Name System (DNS), often in real time, with active DNS configuration of hostnames, addresses and/or other information.
Q11 What is the DDNS service fee if I'm a NETVIGATOR subscriber? And how do I apply?
A11 Being a NETVIGATOR subscriber entitles you to free DDNS service for the first year. Our technical consultant will apply for you.
Q12 Can I continue to use DDNS service if I terminate my NETVIGATOR contract?
A12 If a customer terminates the NETVIGATOR contract, DDNS service provided by us will also be terminated. Non-NETVIGATOR customers must apply for DDNS service from a third party and the charge will be subject to the rate charged by that third-party provider. Our technical consultant will need to carry out onsite setup of the new DDNS domain name.
Q13 Why do Smart Living customers who are NETVIGATOR subscribers get DDNS service for free?
A13 Our DDNS service is provided via the NETVIGATOR network. This means only NETVIGATOR subscribers can get free DDNS service for the first year.
Q14 What can I do if DDNS service does not work?
A14 Please dial 1000. We can arrange onsite checking by a technical consultant, if necessary.
Q15 Can I apply for DDNS service if I am a NETVIGATOR subscriber?
A15 Yes, but out-of-home control of our DDNS service only applies to Smart Living Home Automation users.

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