Moikit Seed Smart Vacuum Bottle - White

Moikit Seed Smart Vacuum Bottle - White

Just touch the lid gently, or unscrew the lid. The display on the lid shows the current water temperature: blue for cold water, yellow for warm water and red for hot water so to avoid burning lips or skin. The touch- monitoring area is almost covered the whole cap even the edge. And the surface is attached with strong UV layer to enhance the wear-resistant and scratch resistance.

In room temperature 20℃ environment, pouring in 95℃ ±1℃ hot water to the bottle and placed 6 hours, the temperature is still up to 70℃; still kept up to 43.2℃ after 24 hours. In room temperature 22℃ environment, pouring 1℃ of ice water for 8 hours, the temperature remained lowest 9.6℃ (Test result was done by manufacturer).

Volume 350ml

Bottom pad is made by silicone, non-slip and wear-resistant

Use of food grade GB4806 standard 304 stainless steel cabinet to ensure safe, reliable, strong, corrosion resistance and light weight.

500 days long battery life

4 colors options (Black, White, Pink and Blue)

The above information is for reference only and subject to change without prior notice.

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