【Important notice on special arrangements for shops】

In support of the community effort to counter the epidemic, we have taken precautionary measures to strengthen the hygiene standards at HKT shops, including more frequent cleaning and disinfection. All employees are required to wear face masks.

To further mitigate the threat of Novel Coronavirus to our employees and customers, the business hour of our shops will be adjusted. For a full list of the shop addresses and business hour, please visit here for more details. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
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HKT has urged the Hong Kong Government to make radical changes to its spectrum policies and management in order to avoid disastrous consequences for Hong Kong, its Smart City aspirations and its role as a regional hub and gateway to the Mainland. The call is made as HKT announces that it has successfully conducted trials for the commercial deployment of 5G mobile technology. Please click HERE for information.
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