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Smart Living Your Home Wi-Fi Expert
After earning a glowing reputation as a home Wi-Fi expert, HKT Smart Living is proud to present
King of Speed, King of Coverage and King of Network offerings as part of a powerful and wonderfully-convenient one-stop home network solution#
King of Speed
Speed King
  • Suits customers demanding speedy and stable Internet connectivity
  • Suitable for small-to-medium-sized units
  • Includes an AC5300 broadband router^
  • (key specifications for router^ in solution)
    - Maximum of eight adjustable angle antennas
    - Merged Tri-band/Wi-Fi band arrangement generates network speeds up to 5.3Gbps
    - The latest MU-MIMO technology solves network congestion problems
  • Includes installation, after-sales service and technical support
King of Coverage
Coverage King
  • Suitable for large-sized units
  • Includes an AC1200 broadband router+
  • (key specifications for router+ in solution)
    - The latest Mesh Wi-Fi System Technology
    - Improves instantaneous transmission of Wi-Fi between routers
    - Up to five same model routers+ and devices configured
  • Includes installation, after-sales service and technical support
King of Network
Network King
  • Suitable for units comprising multiple rooms or storeys
  • Our one-stop service enables you to tailor a network solution to your home's design
  • Our Home Network solutions are designed to get the very best out of the extraordinary capabilities of fiber-optic technology
  • High-speed cables provided to maximize fiber broadband service
  • More than 90% Wi-Fi coverage guaranteed*
  • Connects multiple smart devices and appliances in the home
  • Includes onsite service, after-sales service and technical support
King of Speed service plan & Coverage King service plan apply to existing Netvigator customer only. # Service details may be changed in accordance with environmental factors and our consultant's findings when visiting the site. ^ Router for Supreme King of Speed Plan: ASUS RT-AC5300. Other models available for your choice. + Router for King of Coverage – Google Wifi Solution (Basic): Google Wifi. The Google Wifi features listed above are provided by Google. The actual service performance depends on factors such as size of apartment, layout of the premises, nature of construction materials, other extraneous factors, as well as area of coverage specified by the customer. The visual is for reference only. * A specified number of routers and its location should be installed in accordance with our consultant's advice. Wi-Fi coverage depends on factors such as layout of premises, construction materials, extraneous factors, area of coverage specified by the customer, and our consultant's advice.
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